Friday, November 27, 2009

To Zaipah

Zaifah of course kte kawan so ni la tutorial yang aku janji kan

  1. Open File la
  2. Then copy layer
  3. Pilih effect high pass
  4. Set kan high pass secukup rasa ( agak kurang tu tambah la secubit garam)
  5. lepas 2 setkan layer style jadi vivid light
  6. setkan oppacity secukup rasa

ok n we are done

Friday, November 20, 2009

I wish i had more time.....

At at the of my journey..a few more step and im going to get my DEGREE...
as the final sem approach...My day are getting more and more lonely...
I wish i can spend more time with my FRIENDS...

These maybe the last time that im gonna sit with them talking...GOSSIPING...eating MCD...only GOD know how much im gonna MISS them...
My greatest gratitude to my COURSEMATE whom have help me till now...until we meet again

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kem pemantapan LI

Here I think i have nothing to comment about this camp.I just like give my greatest gratitude for UTeM for giving me the opportunity to join the camp.

At first i thought these are just one of those camp that filled with lot of lectures and I will just SLEEP all the way.
But as I participate, i relieved the camp was really amazing.The activity was really fun.
And here as i promise to all of you are the link to the photo that I have taken.

Click here to go to the album